Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Remember that time I pissed in the soda machine?

All the pretty failures
laid to rest--
it's thanksgiving in
the war night for the turkey
in the desert-- horizon seeker--
mining the fields day and
night "if only some rain would come"--
wipes sweat from brow--
in the projection farmland,
a singular shape of overalls
and old slouch hat--"then
we could eat and eat good"
--or they'd grow--the stalks--
long and tall and frighteningly
beautiful--like we're told to
imagine war is--the crooked righteous
cause for saints and martyrs
and kissing booth fools--
all the pretty failures
rising up to meet us--
toothless eyeless howling
grinning starving scratching
mass grave digging hysteria--
all the pretty failures
stretching back infinitum out
to entropy--engulfing the history of earth space
pure godly intimate loving barbaric bucolic civilized
smelling of death's hands--

all the pretty failures buried underfoot
waiting to grow.


  1. The title is brilliant.

    "Old slouch hat" and "crooked righteous cause" were fantastic.

  2. Wow, you.. just... fuck you man.

    Yes, I do remember that.