Friday, February 1, 2013

God creates love ever

There was this.

I've been asked to repaint the universe
start with the fundamental cell
that one that isn't there
unless you look for it

it is non-existence
I walked to the basement,
only took 12 billion years,
the lights never work
down there
and it takes half the time
times 2 to get back
where we started

where we started.

I've been tasked to remake the universe
it isn't there

I've been wandering for ages
looking for signs
but there's only words
for direction

they don't break much
or change
they are misdirection and maps

I am growing weak

I've already been old

there's a week left to entropy
they say
tho I haven't seen a janitor down
here in ages (or evers)
it's been entropy since our eyes
met the continental oceans
of past

Janitors always see the end
in everything in everyone

I found the broom closet
somehow with all the dark

I unscrewed the light bulbs
but the closets were empty.

1 comment:

  1. I probably can't explain why, but, I found this rather humorous. I think it's the straightforward tone tackling such large business. The janitor motif was effectively used.