Sunday, February 17, 2013

I am

I am the next poet
I watched Saturn &
Jupiter burn in the sky
over Chinatown, I need
to plan this cross country
trip or I'll die, I need
to cut into this shit world
with my knife that's my
word, like a dying sun
I've nothing left but to
devour the life of planets
I've chosen three routes, I'll likely
plot a fourth without Denver, Colorado,
as Neal & Jack lived there, I need to
see the Rockies, the passes,
the Pacific shore, San Francisco
the great American desert,
the belly of the land at the Gulf,
the sunsets & rises in great
Dark America, the beauty &
love, I must have it, I am
its new poet, I must drink it,
I am its new source,
I must, I must feel it
or I am nothing--

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