Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Few of these have titles

Jack walks past a statue in NYC
by a park
a picture snapped
under the new mexico desert
great drills terrible roar and grind
forging the horror tunnels
beyond man
further the gate
of misunderstanding
the god misinformation

how to fight a holy war against heavenly beings?

the practice of ignorance
is the greatest feat of modern man
or what we say is modern man
what the books tell us occurred
the prophets said
this is about to occur,
I invented it all in my head
one night when the acid
forced lightening
from Joe's breath

I understand the tv creates
imagined world community
the internet imagined freedom
I want neither
I'll post that on facebook
so everyone will share
0 likes, it's only just begun,

under the desert Dulce sweet
they fight a losing war
Jack is sick in florida 1969
he won't make it
Neal won't make it out of Mexico
will we make it to the coast?
when I cross the Rockies
I swear to shout as loud as God
at those rising giants
those youthful monsters,
I'll live 10,000 lifetimes
I'll dive into the Pacific expanse

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