Monday, August 24, 2009

Visiting New York

New York always cries
when i go to see her,

tears fall from the sky,
cold and hard,
covering the streets and sidewalks
drowning out the city smells,

leaping from awning to awning,
or hiding under an umbrella,
the tallest buildings
are lost to me,

The Empire State Building
rises silent
obscured by
a thick cool fog,
a white Aegis blending
with forlorn skies
glowing white,

rain taps incessantly
at my face
filling my glasses
with coutless
tiny orbs,
like one million
frenzied gnats,

tirelessly she cries,
people walking,
shielding their heads
and faces with damp arms,

animals creep silently
in alleyways,
trash soaked through
mildews in ignored
metal bins,

I carry my head low
staring at pavement
one square at a time,
beginning to end,

New York cries and cries,
continues to cry,
weeping heavy tears.

when I visit her,
New York,
she cries.

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