Monday, August 24, 2009

Hipstery This, Hipstery That

Camus or Hammet,
Roth or Virginia Wolffe,
Quote them all
from their Wikipedia page,

Is that a dog-eared copy
of Thomas Pynchon?
I've never read that...though,
thats not what I say

I'd appreciate your tweed jacket
and bowler cap
If you hadn't danced like Williams
or cried like Yeats.
or, you know, spent $300 dollars on them
at Urban Outfitters.

A metaphor from the 1920s
can't explain everything,
well fed kings starve on social capital,
I just wanted you to know...

(while you drink your acid kool-aid
rocking chairs in a house covered snow)

I'd rather you read Stephen King.

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