Monday, August 24, 2009

Under a Few Articles of Clothing; Seduction

Under a few articles of clothing (all mine)
I found it,

A single pair of white panties
(outlined in pink with scattered pink stenciled dogs)

She's trying to seduce me,
It's becoming obvious now
I am
sure of

Trying to plague my dreams
and conquer my daily wanderings
with images of her,
in those white panties
with the irresistibly cute pink trim,

I would have believed
it a mistake,
if --
the incident,
you see,
had been isolated.

But rest assured
it certainly was not,

two weeks

one single
knee high sock,

She knew how
I liked them,
had asked weakly, shyly
to see them on her,
how she coyly

not only that!
Also a white bra,
soft and feeling of her,

shes trying
to seduce me
I'm sure of it now,

I take all the evidence,
filling my evidence room,
a drawer of their
very own,

the pieces,
building up my intimate evidence room.

* * * *

My door shuts
Her figure gone,

A kiss and hug good bye
still stings my lips,
only the ghost of her
through smell and imprint alone
an image of embers
dying on a dying fire,

And then I
start looking,
leaping from the bed,
when I am sure you are gone,

under couches

behind doors left ajar

in the kitchen

next to hampers

near the computer

beneath clothes
piled high,

She's trying to seduce me,
she left those white panties,
with the iresistibly cute soft pink trim
She's absolutely
without a doubt
trying to seduce me
the evidence is all here,

my Lilith
my Aphrodite
swirling maenad

she plays her game,
her ammunition
carefully chosen
a clandestine war,
attrition and bondage,
and socks and panties (with pink trim)

I collect all this evidence
from the war
she's winning.

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