Monday, August 24, 2009

Egypt and Prophets; Speak Future

The sun is setting,
with its dying light
it illuminates the valley below,
the prophets can no longer see
what lies beyond, all is cold now
and dark, a churning swamp
from clearest pond,

Stand on the edge, do they see you?
drop your offering,
there is no teller for you,
no seer to speak kind words,

The river polluted, dying;
We search for words
trying, it was once,
but is no longer,

A rush of cool air,
stain blue, a chilling breeze
cools the wax
on knowing candles, blind;

We walk on,
future contaminated,
destinies set,
a wanderer,
a princess,
a love;

in separate directions,
looking back,
holding hands,


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