Monday, August 24, 2009


(A blur)

we move our lens, focusing;
drawing in slowly, steady

(coming into view a tiny window, a small house)

panning to the right,
we move around to the side of the house;
all is still, only the slight murmur of grass
blowing in the wind,

(the shudders on two windows on the now recognizable
one story house are beaten and weathered, it is difficult
to tell if they were once blue or purple)

There seems to be something moving inside,
the viewer peering intently into the house,
this normal house,
the camera deliberately holding back, playing
on the curiosity of unknowing the unknown,

(the blackness emanating from deep within the house
renders the thin metal bars of the screen window nearly invisible,
perceived only due to the herculean efforts of a small insect  
assigned with the task of breaking into this residential prison)

(The [obstinate] insect offers us a way in,
a means to enter this suburban sepulchre
we become the surveyor unable to be seen
transparent ourselves we risk no moral judgment,
no repercussions, in other words: we are free)

We pass the insect, still struggling to enter,
his wings deafening, a moment of pure vertigo
and he is no longer a part of our memory,
the camera is independent now, we on the other hand,
are only along for the ride, we pan out to take in the room;
all is darkness,

(there was something moving though,
it is written into our memory, our discourse,
a collective memory or conscious,
either will grasp the concept, classified into existence
we have now birthed the experience into reality with text)

looking back over what is written, the camera recalls;
something was moving while we were outside,
when we were surveyed not surveyor,
powerless, powerful, powerless;
the camera understands the limits, knows the limits.
[Of course IT does, IT creates them]

(Opening: When we started EXT. or INT)

The camera, a red light, its batteries, our eyes;
in text, in language, in writing;
participating, watching, becoming;
The lens slowly turns toward us,
we are looking, we are inside, we are being watched.

(A blur)

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