Monday, August 24, 2009

Crushed Velvet

This is an older poem that I wrote for Felicia near the time when we first met so it's two years old and much more abstract then the way I tend to write now<3, I would venture to say its what caused her to fall in love with me...;)

Lost; found
Purple, light
Highlight; the moon
Walks in,
Spoke to much
Lost speaking
Innocent, not
But innocent still;
Stones upon boulders
Walking toward an open door, used and discarded
No faith; in nothing, nothing; with faith. FROZEN. Elapsed time. In memory.
Took a chance.
Told her; heart lost on me.
Destroyed; reaching open faulty
Happy listless denied open to mourning
Heart is shut; NO. Heart is open
Pin up vindictive; love is real? Made me believe.
Saw without sight.
Who walks upon the steps of the other,
Who walks upon the lives of none.
In the corner alone, capable of much
Seen by none. Whatever.
Eaten the food
Nourished good, tasted nothing
So restless in the springs hearth,
Losing momentum. Unsure of; not to be; why?; broken; unsure
Do you think to? Do you want to?
Spoken, denied? I hear denial but see none
Seemed to be but not to see.

Walking to the foot of the bed i placed to wound. The companion, a friend? bring love, understanding; given love; lover?; given to none, wanted? Wanted. Abhorred. Failure. What I seek; what I receive.
SPIRAL. spiral. SPIRAL. spiral. SPIRAL.

Wonder? Wonderful? Graceful? Clumsy? Unknown. Only written only thought, though Said.
Beautiful? Intelligent? Think I can say for sure. Positive
Belated scorn; NOT; lives wasted
Blackness gone, mystery
No pretense; voice angelic
Blushing, feline piercing
Eyes cautious break,

Mind at ease; but restless. Eyes, wide awake should sleep, glancing across the sea.
Pulled down and drowned; spilled; Soul? Human soul? Defendants not involved. Open I opened, I released. Calm I gave in for
Broken heart or satiated soul.

Funny, humorous
Split, eaten. Gave my all. Not sure?
Spoken name. Black Cat. Open Not like before.
Oh Nightingale! Flown away when I closed my eyes...Forsaken?
No! Hapless? No!

Will not. What I asked. Undermined. Resplendent. Late after.
Apple? Orange? Rotten? Replace.
Mishap? Hero. Cat. Villain. Black. Inspired
Elated. Unknown. Everything.

Nothing.                                                Everything;

Everything.                                            Nothing;

Nothing.                                               Everything,

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