Monday, August 24, 2009

A Good Morning

slender arm
stretched toward
the window,
slightly ajar;

a cool morning breeze eases its
way across your body,
legs tangled in covers
caressed by the gentle
current, whispering;

the hint of movement
like thunder over the
quiet rise and fall of your breath,
the sun barely awake,
focuses its light
in a single stream
across your unclothed belly,
tan and shimmering
between tangled shirt and pants,
groggy, aloof;

heavy eyelashes rest,
mouth serene,
barely discernible
lips quiver and stop,
several strands of jet black, glistening hair
lay across your cheek,

Bed, metal and wood and foam and mattress,
it holds you, still cool
remembering the chill of the night air,
the warmth of your sleeping body,
the day not yet begun,
paint its picture,

you, the model,
sleeping soundly,
safely, beautifully silent,
fingers relaxed
pointing outward,
the sun rising,
dew resting on spring flowers,
a wish,
a dream,
a moment,
a memory,
a good morning kiss.

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