Thursday, June 13, 2019

a murder of lost consciousness

a murder of lost consciousness
eclectic turn back torture

any evening after that

where to find her? in london/
like a missing person

with fact. many to go over

no bags, electronic bags no return ticket

wake up immediately. shock. constipation.

search the computer for drowned bodies
no nothing band playing no attendance

without a trace

an unknown smile with intercom
information linked to blood posting

fire chamber no monday. no money

www close your eyes Tom for a rough translation

who was the question the man asked

at the police station online

a triple phone internet of data
led to untimely death

December 1st 2008

a game of russian roulette/ painted walls
out of her mind magenta. high on conspiracy numbers

in fact. buried. original ideas

sleeping heads on the couch

so quickly did you leave. a death. a birth a homicide

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