Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Green; a film

Quick flash
Cut to:
the spinach field gnashed between my toes     the blood flowing
green in the lithe vapors      
                                         that from above feature the characteristic
of a soggy river's delta
Fade to:
outstretched arms for balance     ambiguous arms
follow the perfect horizon of elbow rising to forearm gently downhill
to hands     green haze of the sun   
                                                      hallucinatory illusion of brushed
fingernails     fleshy like stewed greens

Zoom out:
the imbalanced chemicals that circulate through the brain
plastic wrapped in flesh     armored by the skull
dripping green tints of sweat
                                               hazel reflections of
post-induction of tears     transform the sky into a green void
muffle the soft steps     paint the arms like a forest growth
reaching across toward the break     darker greener     darker
The End.

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