Tuesday, January 23, 2018


darkness is how i see the outside of the car
darkness as if the terribleness of the inside of the car grew &
ranged outward in a cone shape
one that had been split and folded over several times

from all its softened sides it reached out with infinite lines
it engulfed the world
the inside out blackness of the car
metal frames surging it begot my dream

inside as my perception expands the only light was your drag
and the acrid smoke of green that floated flatly against the curled edges
marking out your shadow
then the light passing into my hand
my mouth
the taste bitter and drunk like the car filled my lungs

i thought aren't I going to work?
aren't I driving?
why is it so dark and why does the car feel inside out
prolapsed and growing larger beyond the window
becoming another inconceivable untenable space
burning between my fingers silenced by my breath

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