Thursday, July 13, 2017

the internet

there is space for three toothpaste flavors on the shelf
you don't even eat them though
only hold them in your mouth to taste
and spit them out

they're washed down the drain
under fluorescent lights
slowly eating away at the tube
the cardboard box deteriorates in the trash

of the flavors there is just one tube of cinnamon 
all are made in an unmarked factory
in the small corner of an unknown state
manufactured by an empty hand

peppermint is available for a limited time
if you buy two two packs of spearmint
you get the third for half off

the entire section is stacked neatly 
and with expertise with the latter flavor
going end to end
top to bottom

the only real choice is spearmint
when you think about it
it's the only flavor that makes any sense
that's why there's so goddamn much of it

it's all gone to shit

the entire thing


ya know

the entire toothpaste industry

it's all gone to shit

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