Wednesday, November 9, 2016


them bad feelings marching down
eat your sidewalks up
in spinning shiny teeth-like things

in the tractor beam it suck you in
it stick you there
it warp your mind
it make many things uneven make you forget

this is not some frivolous reality
(though all reality is queer/frivolous)

it make darkness go bump in night
in shadows it stick your eye
and when you can't see out far
it stab you tight in chest

those horror ideas clamped shut
eat your soul all up
in spiteful machine clown cars

I'm wobbling on two cheeks
I've sat all day 12 hours on one ass
I am meat nothing else

it pack itself in transparent capsules
it swallows fitfully
in plexiglass atomic fears
it come in day as in night as in light

there will be
a to be

there will be
an ending

there might be
a garbanzo

it will be fibrous thick with dark clot blood

it will be clod and hunk and coal ah



I think this not how is



holy god damn shit

if we have enough
cold metal shovels for cold dead hands
we might have enough dirt to
cover it up


o'er the smell

you'll wretch

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