Friday, October 28, 2016

To understand is nothing

words make little hissing sounds pulled through
thick white painted air-vents screwed in thin white painted walls.

the multitude of signs carried through the void
                                                                             edged in red silver
boiling green lines spelling names out from forgotten hallways
symbols from a great lost past
                                                  all the entrances are marked
all the entrances are bloody exits

each footprint brings many things from the beyond
invisible deathlike strands built by invisible hands
invisibly moving through time
                                                  not a beginning not to end
the current state is simply misunderstanding
dreams are neither empty or rewarded

the bubbles are pulled through into the hall
                                                                      and gravid with idea
they sink to the carpet floors to be trampled
to be trampled

to wait for the paint to crack and the walls as they truly are
can be seen.

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