Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I lost it

I saw the
great emptiness
and I opened my eyes to it,
opened my mind to it,
aceepted infinity in
all directions,
rejected all finite definitions,
all finite philosophies,
I saw the world fall apart,
truly fall apart,
the walls lurched back and
peeled away,
there was a great statue in the distance
a statue to represent all things
living, dead, built, imagined, destroyed,
it was no shape, one shape, all shape,
it was both miraculous and mundane,
there was complete silence,
a silence of the void,
the silence of solid space,
I saw this great emptiness
at the top of the stairs,
it was in some ways magenta colored
other times indigo blues,
I labored there forever,
suffered for but a few seconds,
I struggled to hold on
but the lie forced me back,
there was nowhere to rest my back,
nowhen to turn,
I saw the great emptiness
and I blinked.

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