Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Storm drains

Red marks the winter storm
warning, we gotta castrate that
mass of swirling cloud mass 
too, or vilify it, or worse personify it,
color code it, cause a storm
never settled over the northeast
or dropped three feet o'snow,
like the blizzard of '93 never happened
cause it happened in '93 and that's 
too long ago for any sane american
to remember and who wants to when the
color coded danger spikes and blips
on radar screens and chirps in our ear
the 15 day forecast 90% chance of 
seeing weather news on
real world real life real science meteorological
nightmare scenarios broadcast on every street
corner camera shot we can get, can you 
believe it's raining? Really raining?

can you believe it's never done this before?

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