Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Autism War

Autism is the next phase of
the mind's war on civilization,
our next phase in battle for
true freedom--
to find that which cannot
be medicated, doped up, to
find that which cannot be
the schitzo cure didn't work,
didn't last long, this is upping
the ante, this is battle plan 2.0,
this might be the final go--

sink the mind or
free the mind
from this terrible shit from
this propaganda shit, from
this black hole brainwash shit,
remake the body's functionality,
retake the body's functions,
set us back on nature's path,

this is the nuke that
can save us

this is the dream put to work,
delineating slowly what
invisible insidious tether holds us in place
an enemy promoted by scientific fronts,
by it's own arrogance, insanity consciousness idea
magic of evolutionary societal time,

Autism is the great revolutionary
of our day,
a link to the collective mind

soon it will spread & take us all--
that's why they're so afraid--soon
will be consumed,

imagine billions and billions cured
instead of billions and billions served,

imagine a complete break from the current dream
imagine freedom within reach..

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