Friday, February 28, 2014

I hope it hits you in the face

coming in fairly short
missed runaway slim
two lane drop zone
wingless flight, pictures
in head, kill the earth
where it stands, bury the
evidence in the cosmological
lie, all existence is finite so
fuck it, ya? they'll(re) make(ing)
movies about that shit,
pollute negate ignore
this is all you got to look foward to,
there's nothing

I am prophet entropy
calling you back
calling you forward,
heat death, end of time
fuck'all, right?

let's take this planet with us
when we go, humans deserve it
we earned it, it's ours,

there is only us
and shrinking (or expanding)
whatever our numbers tell us,
space, all empty without our flags,
sad really,

we'll throw some out there
some day, we already send out
trash and cameras, anyway
to get rid of it, ya know?

I'll mark it up on some calender
post an inspirational quote on
tumblr, those seem to work,
and we'll sleep tight under
the chemtrails, under the heavy snow,

I'll carry a wallet of bitcoins to
the funeral march, scattering their
abstract existence by the roadside.
singing all the way
one of our all-time hits

starts with a girl in the middle
encircled by men, uncountable,

ends like this--

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