Thursday, February 27, 2014

Employment up in Germany (DEU)

hopefully we can
get that dang number down to
theoretical abstractical 0%
get all those thinkers doers
be-ers into some office cube
get them motivated working
on keeping things right the same
perfect they's always been,
fitting into the machine money
making life completing dream
all shined up and walking busing
subwaying biking driving being
work work work work
'cause what would we be doing otherwise
the bible says to do it first commandment
if i'm not mistaken get that number
down down DOWN society functioning
promise everyone is safe get those feet
off the street occupy those 8 hours maybe more
if you try hard enough, what's that dream called
what's your concern, advancement evolution
right might right might right
google the whole explanation thing
it's in articles typed words businessmen have
been saying it, you can't make a buck
on thinking a' different way
so why try it?

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