Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Take a walk with (me) fantasy

Out-not-so-far there's that grand
Pennsylvania night monkshood purple sky,
barely there street lights barely visible
footprints jotting down history,
ragged beard showing homeless
stitched gloves stitched coat sole less shoes
graffitied stop sign trash next to side walk corner
7-11, where's the wawa when you need it,
opening doors for change, when we all got
credit cards now and they don't offer a cent
cause that's the plan to starve them dead dead,
government preservatives decoding the
brainstem response signal for language
to communicate electronic implant starving
children O children those children
under cloudless; simplicity
ticketed from miles away fire hydrant breathe
tattered clothes iced coffee stains my only white
already stained 1950s (whereNOw) shirt

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