Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Escalator's on the left side Shady Grove

Seem's I'm always-- stuck,
behind their ambling, steady concrete however,
feet, they're leaning slightly diagonal to prevent,
an effort? maybe- me from making pass
to where I gotta-- Jesus Christ! I'm under their
arms, raised, down on the ground quick
beatin' knees under legs up escalator whirring
on the left side left side Left Side!
tripping once...I smiled- just in case
somebody, unmoved, felt it wasn't- in some ways-
on purpose, scan my card, I did that before
looking back keep the pace, right? Well I did.
I'm sure- in my mind I'm knocking old ladies
got 3 people on the tracks broken legs
heads waitin' for the train runnin' rollin' rail
probably won't be good for them,
grinding wheels like monster B-movie madness corn starch red food dye wonder-

But I gotta get out

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