Monday, February 14, 2011

the nightmare bombs

what's the CULtural highlight
hi-lite neon yellow buzz

wings by the head
riding over thoughts slowly (slowly)
till you can see it clearly still
see-thru intangibility ticking
off the time bomb

old woman rocking to newspaper clippings
epicenter blast radius zero-survival immediacy

I walked through empty kitchen light off
haunted madness, hey it's like some other
world I'm leaving soon fantasy,
with the squirrels lounging insane straight jacket
funnies, they laugh into the wooded window pane

the sound (the sound)

tv's bleeding out

to hearts

cold tile floors cricket playground violin



it's outsiiiyde I'm worriedl abouwt...
or the lieght swswswswswitch

ashuwrhr akk

both are nighttime automatic

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