Friday, February 4, 2011


I sketch the numb milky
whiteness clear of snow,
LIVE Doppler 9000 HD 9 Weather NOW
google map slow radar drawl,

can't wri- write this fa-
music shi- caress fantasy, huh?

Got the beat voices running counter, ya-
to the clack crack smack smash
heavy pool table racket sinking
colored- coded- wait- fffff-

It's all nebulous anyway, you know?

I got it though, somewhere's through-
ou- my fingers, Arlington, VA- unfeeling yyya- too? ha

It burns, or it used to,
'fore I wrote it down somew- and
it tore me- backyard cutting grass
winter $20 ppppp- richer
click, bop crack numb ah

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