Monday, February 7, 2011

34th and 7th

(There's) Just too much to look at
I'm fuzzy with the monitor on burly blue
aha ha ha watchin' blargh blarch heeeeeeem (clears throat)
waking drizzle me a dreama ha
in which she darling darling well, one can

and lost I know it's lost oh when we
(spell out in stick and sandy toes on the beach
like pilots on a shore deserted island middle o' the seas
to fairy land starved death) you always said, and I'd smile I think

maybe I'd smile with my hands awkward at my sides in
torn belt, torn shoes ratty pants that you hate
cause I can't make myself wash them (they grow old
and sad)

so yeah so hold my hand and I'll,
yeah startled
I'll re-read from this masterpiece (don't be

by desperation I gotta get it all out of me
before I take one more step out there
down; where ya find me

head down and muttering homeless man
punctured gloves and sooty fingers
searching (seeking) for that quarter I left out
(was it) years ago now

couldn't just couldn't be-

but I recall your face on that day
smiling sad sad empty smile

and I yelled out for you
but the bus
was on time and the engine ran
and the wheels with it

you'd never hear.

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