Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bummer Leadstone

images fractured through splintered glass,
weave bile through bleached blond tips
and fake breasts,

cut to commercial wait 20 minutes cut back

a chair wobbles out front,
an attractive woman
clicks by moving north/away
dark hair obscuring her features,
shes Asian with brown smooth skin
and passes by everyday
at this exact time,
Bummer Leadstone times it
on his television watch,

shes on her way to work, school, shopping, food;
none of which he has, or can do,
it's only perfect if the commercials run,
that way the girls aren't there to see him,

shoeless and hatless,
on the street counting the minutes in his chair,
keeping time with

terrible acting and disinterested plot threads, still sponsors run-

Aging more quickly everyday,
bones and tendons yet to warm as the night approaches
and seats haven't been moved,
or taken


the sun drops over smog LA skies
the Lakers sleeping on championships
the Asian woman finding another way home,


on past the old RCA television store
destabilized glass,
and a man
sick and old,
hasn't moved in two days,
clerks walking past
and shoplifters,

he hasn't got a wallet to steal or spare,
just wispy gray hairs and tattered feet,

the hills fade away over sunny-side
Viacom dreams
and the exposure he can't escape.

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