Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lullaby and goodnight sun

sunset over trees
hours ago,
burnt fire red
glowing orb melting the sky,
clouds engulf
mesmerizing the clock
counting its steps
backwards-wise forward
in time, in rhythm
count it
you hear the bell-steps
against the wall,
your head,
feeble curse
thy name
thy kingdom
come for a name,
sacrifice so same sacrilege
in the sky
burnt umber sky,
spilling over us and out of control
and forgotten
by head
hitting pillow and sleep
and the morning,
the sun has risen back
new again,
solid and official,
a stamp on every door
a lie on all our backs,
turn deep sun roasting
cool our backs,
the sun sets
on extra days and other days,
the night looks so young.

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