Monday, August 2, 2010

Good Morning 2010

You'll dance with me
because we recede farther
and farther into the past
each year,
drunk on the seconds that feed
and bloat the minutes that steal youth
from under our noses,

the nights blink into the day
drawing creases across our faces,
haggard and sleep walking sleep
through the sunlit porch,
kids running at your heels,
dogs, cats, breakfast, bacon,
digitized news fritzing in and fritzing out
stained with milk and lucky charms,

god damned machines and man
and god damn worthless one-note trees,
planted eons ago,
hard flesh unused and coddled,
protected except for the Vegans that tear them down
and feed on their souls,
merciless and gravid with self-loving,

white and smooth they devour the past
and welcomes us to the
featureless futures.

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