Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Anniversary

the night dances ready for
unseen missiles-

quick! up above us
as I hold your hand,
soaring into this
illuminated explosion,
color burns
in the dense purple-blue still sky,
we shatter the easy silence
with bits of fiery colorful green red silver and gold
shifting the balance of time
a before and after time,

blinding twilight your midnight kisses
bring, it's beyond where we can touch them,
so far beyond they're close
and real, pressed against your skin,

that invisible torchbearer
believes he leaves the mark,
but you make them shine,
radiating you out from you
incinerating the bleak and lost,
hidden behind eyelashes for me,
many worlds die and live
an infinite life,

benches line these concrete
and metal airways,
a spiraling pace set by
limitless ends and beginnings,
I count the moments I fell in love with you,
with each
in the daylit-night,

when you shook my hand,
kissed my cheek,
cried in my arms,
when I held you solitary in the night,
when the sun warmed our faces,

crashsssssssss*the sound drowns out now

when we sat in the wet grass,
you wore sandals on sand,
there was ketchup-there was my streak,
you moved far away and we waved many good-byes
and hellos,
I sang to you at home on the beach
under skies like these,
you came back and panicked and left again,
when you taught me how to play blackjack


under pulsing lights we danced,
you giggled and reluctantly sipped,
sinking into your bed,
you reach out and pull me in,
all is black and right,
a fire, a meal, terrifying horses,
an intoxicating smile,

louder now, not much time to think

another fizzles out,
there aren't enough explosions
there isn't enough time,
so that we could freeze it,
and bottle it,
design a pretty jar,
maybe with flowers and vines
curled under/between/over
stars and hearts
perfectly otherworldly,

the finale is a solemn affair
fantastic and finite,
sad even as its grand
a past before it reaches the present,
its over, the clamor laughter hissing bright-
we're left,
a beginning with no end,
a forever agreement in a forever future,
lovers, friends, soul, heart, mind
I hear your voice quiet and building up
to whisper-

but I'm too fast
and my lips are yours.
happy Anniversary <3

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