Friday, May 23, 2014


Everything is coated
in a film
yellow dust,
some areas more
than others,
desk by the window
most of all,
I feel it on my
clothes, bed,
towels, on my
skin, in my mouth,
eyes, under my finger
nails, toenails, in
each fiber of the carpet,
chairs, sprinkled in
the cup of water by my bed,
I cannot escape it,
last night I lay in bed,
wool sock over mouth
trying not to breathe,
I feel it in my lungs,
sifting, sifting, sifting,
further down, is it
killing me I wonder,
will it kill me?
I don't even know what
it is, how it is,
why it is, I used a napkin
to wipe the layers
off my typewriter case,
it seems like dirt, is it
dirt? I'm afriad to tell
anyone about it, afraid to
ask, afraid it's not really
there, I want to by sanitary
wipes, but they'll run out,
I don't have any
towels, rags, shirts, pants,
to waste, I only have
a few more days, I am
buried in it, I am
yellow, sulfur is yellow,
death is yellow, suffocation.

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