Monday, May 5, 2014

A Tale of Four Girls

So she walked right into it
three girls saving spots
on the rail, but sitting down,
saving those spots as well
I guess, and you know
if this wasn't DC I wouldn't
have believed it, but
it was 9:30 club folk show
and there was/n't enough
room in this self-starved
world because manners
and etiquette means not
imposing on my wants/needs/
personal space, we can't accomm
-odate each other and make room,
that's not how society works,
it's all for me you know, that's how
it goes you back down to
whoever is there first--you're ruining
my good time so relax and get
lost--I'll just stand aside and watch this
girl force her elbows wide playing
like war and encroaching until
the absurdity of the space is obvious
you might not wanna back down--
since you wanted it that way--it's
what you learned in college in those
education courses, rationally
reasoned selfishness--let's act this out
like Larry's watching, that'll work--
that'll drive it home--let's keep it
going all night, why don't we?

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