Wednesday, May 21, 2014


watched the line of
piss fall from the balcony,
thinking even with the
rain falling hard, the
stream held together
exceptionally well, if
anyone was looking
out their window it wouldn't be hard
to tell what was going
on, then a car drove underneath,
five storeys down, I pissed
on its front bumper, its hood,
its front windshield, roof, back
window, trunk, rear bumper,
people inside probably didn't even
notice what had just happened,
and pulling out onto the street, they
disappearing behind planted
trees, brick walls, and
it kept on raining, and I kept on pissing
watching to see if the car would reappear
going  north on route 1,
but it never did, so I just went on
pissing five storeys down, waiting
for another car or an umbrella,
I really really had to go.

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