Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pilgrims, Pilgrims All

Ohm at the dark curtains
the fishy smell suchness,

I'll write whatever I wish
but it'll get me nowhere
it'll tell you nothing--I can't seem to
get down what I should say
only what I don't want to--
and that leaves us right here
where we left ourselves
on the pages of this poem
that reads forever without saying
what I've felt, just
endless useless words WORDS words

don't bother reading
you've wasted my time
the silent office
the bashing staple machine
that can't seem to shut up,

there's no voices in the halls
no movement bah
blah baah bam blam

sound the sheep fire the guns
ahem ho ho
it's closing december
boiling water

Ohm at the dark curtains
the wintery snowy suchness

good day.

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