Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Banking on Christmas' Time

I don't know--the tree
dominates the room--
purple monster
of anglo-saxon breath--
crane--I crane--crane my
neck to look at this decadent
(used to be green) violet
triangular god tree--It's
Christmas at the bank,
or almost christmas, slick
floors and flavored coffee
from one side--or else stand
aside--Ha, I'm kidding,
I mean stand aside--

Oh, who am I
to say I've no authority--I write better
when the deadlines
are past anyway, and
it ain't easier to
submit this drivel than
it is to write it--just hurts
more--burns your eyes
more--watching those
guidelines legitimate--

Now place your ornamant
at the alter, god the purple tree
says so, no tangents just
submission submission
be a good boy keep your head
watch out for a hanging branch

1 comment:

  1. Submit, but not before a deadline. But then there's submission to the god tree...bow your head. Awesome multi-meanings presented here.