Saturday, December 22, 2012


goof and I've left
one bottle red wine
at 3pm close to christmas
tree's unadorned branches and sits
cold dark corner of rooms in
pastel-sherbet aftermath
swirling in the starless afternoon
goof and with cat's
all on their own and I am
alone and asking the king
slinking by my chocolate floors
what's my eyes have to
do with seeing the
goof when I feel it like
I feel it glancing off my swinging
wobbling drowning arms
obscuring the wails of the kitchen
wailing from missed faces,
left spaces winds wailing against
newly installed window panes
goof pains and I've left
my senses behind to feed on
recognition and only escapes.

1 comment:

  1. Goofing near a specific date could certainly stand out.

    "newly installed window panes/goof pains"

    I love how the goof pains are newly installed, too.

    "Pastel-sherbet aftermath" was a killer line as well.