Monday, July 16, 2012

Joe groans from the other room, Tommy is on a couch somewheres

strange frozen world again
like ocean, sirens, beasts,
I run, swim in frozen snow seas
the missiles are launched
and nearly on us,
I kneel down with my pillow,
with the others, it's playing like
a television screen, ipad image
I can't make out what it is

before Impact--

strange skinny tall car, like
surrealist fantasy, warped fun house mirror
stretched, ugly puppets, wrinkled
somehow evil (I know it) bobbing their
heads inside, two of'em,
watching above I'm with others
I can't see,
they're inside some pinball maze
built too small to contain
the jerking motions of the
I see their faces, eyes,
I feel sick, twisted,
at the center
another puppet, this one
darker, in old 70s cerulean blue
suit, plastic hair, bobs his head too, in time;
smashing at some hellish control
pit station, I see them all
idiot faces, broken teeth,
almost human,
rocking, motioning, I can't understand
why I'm forced to witness this

I recall
the blast

I wake up thinking,
"God, is this hell?"

but no answers.

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