Monday, July 16, 2012


up from my pages
across from me on train--
girl reading--(!)--On the Reooaad!--
wow--On the Road--recognize 25th anniv edition--
I got that one too--tho--
not the one I usually read--I'm having
visions--Cody--Dean--NEal--she's about at the
point where Kerouac pulled a gun
on that fag in the bathroom--yea--
he felt sorry about it and
didn't really know why he did it
later--cover is marked and dusty--
like MINE!--orange sun setting on
orange plane--burgundy--the road is dark
and black and not a road at all--HEY!--
She gets off at same stop--lost in
the lostness of lost subway crowds--
how it should be--well Jack, even
if she's reading for Mary Lou, we
still made two stops 

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