Tuesday, March 22, 2011

take the train from temple; dream

How nigh the gentrification march
shroudy 3 o' clock city star lamp,
manipulate the tune of desolation,
"Oh, terror tap the
tender tomb of gods"
And martyr.

quantum derelict electric train
churning slanted toke-toke-toke
hidden wheels--hidden wheels
liar time leer,

where she's fantastic
jeans painted, tights
high-heeled aching heaven
in my arms

"Conversation metron
mining the world soul
honor roll...
         a berry feast
         for idiots."

My carcass open--
caress tanned
slender hip and
shivering stomach
denied immortality

sensuality in the
afterthought life holly tree, dense
tearing tear at my flesh-
smile for--
Me silhouette lurking somewhere
in the void of the linear
mind-meld ghost plane; loneliness
A dedication to truth,
toll toll tower bells clang-
soft breast of gloomy lust--

Deny me-accept me-devote me-

Traveling world sore
traveling backward-

bury my face, saw palms,
anxiety, peace

your vision creation
not, like enough, doves and--

lines, a temporal vasectomy-erection
furrow shatter bow--

Oh, behold timid instant laughing fate; beat
drums to my wishes burdened
in primordial ears, the meaning of your rested thighs,
the quiet, the silence,
the walls--

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