Saturday, March 19, 2011


Holy earth breathing Caterpillar writes
end of time sparkling singularity,
water grays to tombs buried
mist-membrane-awake-too-late sadness,
clouds moist lumbering army
sailing cautious, troublesome
wispy skyline storyteller--
where questioning
little children (blank faced)
sit (indian style) & ask politely
our secrets,
the unencumbered God-answer
"twiddley-something or other
at the drugstore"- candy bar in hand
melting noonday sun, virginal
cold n' empty wordless answers

so to speak


Lo' Mary can you listen? en en en
stock pitch & peel
wonder spentttxt
to the bleary bliss doe eyed future
coughing sensual millions legs, tears
like angel's quaking traffic jammed
street festival, vendors carry delicious meat
fragrant and primordial over worn shoulders
their dreams, light going red-yellow-red-black-go-
worldly row-
head pivot squirm-
iris-worm on soft (heaven's) mud pleasure-
off to green sunsets
and masochist dreamy island tangential glacier fantastic-

a tangent coming doom-

and what it means is an allusion sure- an illusion

time raises Michael's sword from dreary prescient drowning seas--

Chapter 3- At Home
Paint the scene-iconic view of bed-less room.

Traveled hat (beloved) lonely turned over grayed
lord of sock pile and soiled clothes
unwashed corduroys, jeans,
worried sun peeks through soft eyes
beyond my hidden window page-
pastel lighted spring taking turns acrobat thru
ruffled maple trees, where--
My coquettish bliss star, my--

woe angel night choosing backward
in tocking time detonation
tick aging linear eye- that eye, mine--
brown in mirror memory,
hollow, reversed ha ha oh ha
empty bottle reflecting light
(but where outside we left)
on window sill limbo forgotten between worlds
where it rots like mountain tavern wood,
beautiful & aged,

fertile-telling thousand foot fall-wingless
scythe in hand terror-

reacts in village stare
to deathly slope abandoned,

we're coming to the end.
the end of thought.

the end of ind- the end
of me-

Great lightening blue peels
the sky back- ruptures the filament
glory heaven skyward toward
silence- godlessness- broadened

machine centipede warped thought
our Caterpillar-life-fantasy
in spinning wheel- devour what's left under
heavy red sun god-
almighty revenge--

The Interlude is:
The caterpillar is:

last statement, final will & testament
betrayed, laugh hoary cocoon ululating madness;
vengeful genetic joke-

I've only million memories to live
not far from titan walked-like godly ground,
unable to taste the sky,
1,000 feet above molten world untended grass-

It's brown-green blankly-
the breeze
a saintly prayer invoking afterlife

I live above earth-
my cataclysm end-

A fissure in the void
exposed emptiness-

dance with me
(feathered) peacefully
love like rain on bird-wing gnarled
entangle in marching band salute-
cracks like Zues across open field-

We've all along
noticed rising seas
in sandy rich doom
sun setting-

and panning back
helicopter shot to
fairy parade near street sign treasure,
automated signal-

how then-

growing old
goading the beast, whisper whisper whisper
mother beginning supper hour
children's voice unseats the dusky pinkness of burning clouds

stairs adorn decent. decent by beyond. table to after. Night. a populous recount.
beer wine story. darkened porch. stagger home. running shower. sleep.

star rain in heavens army, tiny sun youthful at one billion years-

and the dawning Milky Way
dying in white space-time human nothingness admonished,

Butterfly reflect the reincarnation march time of buried dreaming prophesy,
a baptism,
every wandering loss,
sad pull of toddler legs
and wingless--!

the universal birth of man
empty temptation failure--

unfolding conception--

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