Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pewter heaven and kitten

In the after-glimmer
of crazy Wednesday nights
he dons the mask unthinkable
truth, into dark thankless alleys
to wither and ply his trade,
the blacksmith silver soot decadent;
I watch the uncommon release
the energy ululating palpable
I touch, reaching out a finger, hidden
a black mass- a terror ancient dying,
tall figure burning out deep distance
like infinite space between his eyes
blind, what ideology is this? what horror?
what escape? the Dante like hot structured soup
of forget-me-nots, the flower deadly lisp
your kiss, a missile break releasing into tepid waters
deepening trench, the nighttime colors engulf his world
in bitter crisp bliss; it's heavenly by morning sky
and death; slumbering cat naps amongst the stage
nods, rising, content-exhales-

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