Monday, December 22, 2014

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all bleak and
breaking bleary emptiness
says man-god
darkness and sold blackness
out there past the blue orb
earth and we're only
here in mortal shell with
no souls soul and when
we're gone it's gone
nothing left remaining
but old bones white and
slick and buried deep or
burned and eventually
forgotten and that's all you've
got in this infinite wonder
and we know because we don't
know at all and that's how we've
come so far decrying spirit
and oneness to this fractured
dystopian god-vision of finite
finality we all bleed off the page
into the limbo of never was
even tho we were at some point
here and become the great erased
bodies of the mind and this is why
we spend all our lives working and
dying and I mean if there wasn't a mine
for spirit energy why would anyone
force anyone to do fuck-anything-at-all
they'd just sit among the trees and
enjoy these 70 years in the dank
fathomless abandoned space all
suffocating-ly around us,
don't you see it's a trap it's words
arranged backwards without
a point but the corruption
of the great oneness, human
collective subconscious and
you can't get caught up in the
sucking void when there's beauty
and blazing stars all around

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