Sunday, December 28, 2014

Funeral Services Provided by CNN

My two dimensional
prison reality cracks
more each day, like
the veil over my mind
it's becoming lazy, busted,

a nervous wreck
peering into the Lovecraftian
horror of acceptable society

Don't look back
over your shoulder
over flailing shards of
your better self

image burned over reality
fabricated stuffed animal
leaders read the news
direct into our ears, determine
reaction time;
          are you up or down?
               decade will determine your
               generational, molecular
               thought process

It's all progress;

don't get in the way,

every taxi cab employment service
got GPS now;

Enter your name
               It'll be the same
               as appear on your
cry like flowers
winter comes

blanket my Earth in ash
and its equivalent--
let me lick it off your shoes

give me your sins to plant.

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