Friday, July 4, 2014

The trees outside call on me to answer

now the rustle of leaves
a thin tree,
more like a bush
in right corner of
my window,
bobbing heads,
chirp of birds, right on time,
I am up, alone in the world,
blink of FB comments
gchat notes, I am
thinking about coffee,
(without it for 3 days
counting) it'd be an
easy walk down
the street to Ethiopian
cafe but I can hear your
voice in my barely gone
cold *cough* *cough*
your fault/hot outside/
*cough* so I'll wait,
until tomorrow, maybe,
definitely, I won't last much
rumble of airplane
over US property lines
restricted five corner space,
coming noon, stomach rumbles
too, tho I'm not sure
I'm even hungry,
it might be all in my mind.

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