Friday, July 4, 2014

As a Dog Barks

The Hunt
by Dexter Gordon?

usually don't guess
right but

that's what's playing:

July 4th 2014

8:53 am

my phone turns itself
off during that night,
never the day

day looks like rain, but
it's not raining

I shit, shower

head doesn't hurt any longer.

I should get a beer, I says,
I'm a writer, it would make sense.

I don't. I hear children playing outside,

I left my window cracked, the gray
sky leaks inside, now
everything is gray

this doesn't feel like independence

a strange metallic sound outside,
car, sounds off,

these guys (Filipinos & Mexican
guys) are always out working on
their cars, I don't know enough
to know what they're doing,

I missed out on that part of manhood.

I've held a pen,
typed instead.

Sun peeks through clouds offscreen

it's all starting to look different

it's July 4th, 9:38am

I'm typing poems as a dog barks.

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