Thursday, November 7, 2013


just enough time to
get from one box to another
quick cat litter rain
on the intellectual parade
for a nominal fee the underlings
carry the promenade floats
will suck you off behind
the orange glowing street light
on 19th and I,
passers-by will take the time to
shouting in the general direction
of their understanding
gurgling choking sounds

everyone is glazed eyes happy
getting up and down
trading in the day
sunshine who needs it
I've got florescent light patterns
and fake social interactions--

take it to the boss
and get it stamped
it'll roll nicely and cram up your ass
over the boarder smuggle
still wondering what the 
usb drive is for? It hooks onto the
gas tank, downloads the shit
eat shit die shit take shit

the driver doesn't give it--
he's got medic-aid backed up
to the 14th kid on the next 
block there's a johnny rockets
pump to handle the caloric intake 
required for decision making

two heads in front
but the rifle can be placed straight across
shame you can't pay someone to pull the
killing yourself is against the law
and courts will get that subpoena to 
heaven by God! or without him
they don't give a fuck
as long as the control app is still iphone 
downloadable reusable
100% combustible--like our love
bombs over desert carpets
fuck this fuck that fuck ass come on
tranny america come on limp dick king
work 8 hours sleep 8 hours
you're in charge

cast that vote cocksucker
take the load
they know we'll swallow 
every time 

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