Friday, November 22, 2013

People keep telling me I'm innocent

When I've no more words
I'll put this axe down,
I'll take to the road,

Oh, if you'd follow me!
Oh, if you'd let me!
I don't think you would,

I am running out--
or I will one day,
my pen is finite--
my eternal mind infinite,

We'll pass on vain thoughts
we'll pass on unwashed fears,
tho again, we'll pass on

When I've no more left to see,
I'll focus my vision to the floor,
I'll leave the sky alone, unblemished,

Oh, if you'd understood!
Oh, if you'd see we were wrong!
I don't think you could,

I wish to see beyond--this...

When I've no more words to give you
bright world, forget me! Forgive me!
Don't blame me for what I've done in your name!
even if I have failed,
I've only done what you've asked,
I've only failed at what I believe.

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