Thursday, June 27, 2013

to my cellophane which was blue

You've got cat memes
running around in your head
they're there in bold white letters
walking on the fiber optic high wire
toward every house on the block
that's the whole street of the world
it's a balancing act in the abstract,
a respect,

woe for my age
woe for I am aging
woe and woe and I am gone
to speak of empty things

A blue sky
a blue ocean
a blue thought
a blue grave

blank screens are graceful
personified in the culture gap
mind over mind under money

pay the rent


day          month          year


for the burial plot the funeral pyre
the insurance card the right to expire

woe is my age
woe for the aging
go and go and I am here
staying up for the after-burn
a plot for the reckoning

a newly cemented age.

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