Thursday, June 13, 2013

For your own safety

for your own safety
we'll lock this door up tight,
security guard swinging night stick
and sheriff stetson walking past the two way
mirror gig, making sure they're acting alright,
s/he's just doing his job
surveying the meek for the good
of all those (every one of us (with $)) who
can't protect themselves,
we're just trying to get what's natural
that green abstract soul;

S/he comes to check on me
when the sun goes down
locks my doors
after primetime tight, tucks me in with the curfew
talk and closes my windows down
to the grinding metal sky scrape,
just in case some light comes through
I make sure I got my eye mask on,

Sleep through the rainy
sunday news announcements on
the telestrator dream flatscreen
we'll whip up the truth right quick
for your own safety
believe everything your told,
the window is a vision of the brain
is a reddish nervous system memory,
thought closes at dusk


make that 9pm.

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